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Getting started

Make a contributor profile

The very first step to get started at Genics Blog would be to get yourself a contributor profile. The contributor profile page would contain with your bio, social media links and all the articles written by you.

Creating a profile is really simple:

  • Open the contributors.yml file and press the edit button on the top right. image

  • Copy this piece of text to the end of the existing content:
    gouravkhunger: # replace gouravkhunger with the username you want
      name: "Gourav Khunger" # the display name you want
      role: "Founder @ Genics Blog" # anything you want to be known for, ex: Full stack dev, Intern @ Company, etc.
      avatar: ""
      bio: "16 year old passionate App developer. I have interests in web development too." # your about me, max 200 chars
      links: # links to your social media
          github: "gouravkhunger" # (GITHUB PROFILE IS REQUIRED) Format: just the username
          stackoverflow: "9819031" # Format: just the user id
          linkedin: "in/gourav-khunger-584351216/" # Format: <locale>/<user-id>
          twitter: "gourav_khunger" # Format: just the username
          instagram: "_gourav.khunger_"  # Format: just the username
          youtube: "channel/UCkv-J_D8jK2N02nBcyM92mQ"  # Format: <channel or c>/<channel-id> Depends on if your channel is verified or not

    It is recommended to take a look at other’s profile declarations to get a gist of how this process works. Please keep these points in mind:

    • Replace gouravkhunger with your desired username (no special characters please) and fill in the other information.

    • You can use a link to the image file for any avatar hosted online, until it is copyright free.

    • Include only those social media links which you want to include in your profile.

    • Ensure that no whitespace is present to the left of your user name, and all the text under it is whitespaced with tabs. If you need help with yaml syntax, check out this document.

  • After your are done, Remove all the comments (the #s and the text after them)

  • Commit your changes make a pull request.

We’ll merge your PR as soon as possible and your profile would be visible after about 10 minutes past the merge time, at<your-username>.

Fork and clone the GitHub repository:

If you need to make lots of changes to the repository, you can fork the repository to make and propose multiple changes at once.

Fork button on the top right of a GitHub repository

The fork will be created in your account, you can clone it to your local machine and cd into it:

git clone<your account>/

Once you make your changes, you can follow this contribution guide to make a Pull Request.