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Publishing the draft post


Get reviewed

Once you think the draft is ready, it’s the time to go back to the original issue you created for this draft. Go ahead and add a comment over there to let us know that you are done with your draft.

We’ll go through the draft and make basic edits on grammar, styling, formatting and some SEO related things. Smaller changes will be made without your approval but if we need any clarification, we’ll get back to you in the same issue thread.

Publishing process

Once your draft has gone through the review process, the draft file will be moved to the _posts folder under your username which will get it published to the blog! This step is done by our team.

We’ll notify you on the same issue thread and mark it closed once the article is live on the site.

Congrats on getting your post published to the Genics Blog!

It is now live and you can share it with the world. We will tweet about your article within a week!