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Welcome to the Genics Blog documentation! This documentation is the ultimate guide you need to refer to for publishing content at the Genics Blog.


Throughout this documentation, you’ll find specific words whose meanings are as follows:

  • Documentation / Docs / Guide: Refers to this website,

  • Contributor: A person who contributes anything to the Genics Blog is a contributor. Authors and developers of the blog are both considered contributors. Each contributor has their own unique page-<name>

  • Repository: (unless otherwise specified) The GitHub page at which the code for the blog is hosted.

  • Series: A collection of similar kind of posts groupped together. Example.


Contributions to Genics Blog can be done in two ways - either by submitting articles for the developer community or by helping with the development of the blog website.

Check out these resources:

A list of open tasks can be found at the Contribute page. All kind of contributributions are heartily welcome!