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Welcome to the Genics Blog documentation! This documentation is the ultimate guide you need to refer to become a contributor at the Genics Blog.


Throughout this documentation, you’ll find specific words whose meanings are as follows:

  • Documentation / Docs / Guide: Refers to this website,

  • Blog: Refers to the Genics Blog.

  • Author: A person who contributes content to the blog. Each author gets their own unique page at<username>/.

  • Repository: (unless otherwise specified) The GitHub page at which the code for the blog is hosted.

  • Series: A collection of similar kind of posts groupped together: example.


Contributions to Genics Blog can be done in two ways - either by submitting articles for the developer community or by helping with the development of the blog website.

Check out these resources:

A list of open tasks can be found at the Contribute page. All kind of contributions are heartily welcome!