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Send an Article Submission Request

To publish an article at Genics Blog, first you would need to create a new issue on the repository with the Submission Request template.

The issue template contains a set of questions that would ease the publishing process for us.


In this space you can describe what topic you want to write an article on and other general information you would like to share with us.


This section asks you to list the primary Category and the Tags this post would belong to. You can propose new categories and tags!

Remember, a post can have only 1 Category and a maximum of 3 tags (Exceptions can be made, please contact us in such case)


If you want to share your pre-written article, please add a link to that.


In this section, you can share some additional information if you wish to.

Once you submit a request, someone from the Genics team would respond if you can start working on the initial draft of the article!