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A quick insight into the codebase at genics.

Exploring repositories

These are the major repositories that form the entire base of

  • Referred to as the “main” repository most of the time. This holds the actual articles, posts, site pages, author data: basically everything “content” related.

  • theme-files: Abstraction of theme related code from the main repository. Considering that the main repository became hard to navigate for authors who didn’t have anything to do with the code, we created a separate infrastructure for maintaining the theme code.

  • comments: The repository that hosts comments and discussions from the readers.

  • genics-bot: A discord bot that does quite a few things to help run our discord server.

  • docs: Hosts this documentation website.

Technical details

  • is a static site built with Jekyll.
  • The production website is hosted on GitHub Pages and the staging environment (to preview changes before they go live) is hosted on Vercel.
  • The tech stack for the website includes HTML template files, TailwindCSS and JavaScript for styling and functionality, and Ruby for custom plugins to alter the Jekyll build process according to needs.
  • Other languages/tools used are Python and Bash scripts for custom workflows and dev environments, YAML, JSON, Markdown for data files and posts.
  • Comments on the site are powered by giscus.
  • The discord bot uses Discord.js.